Patrick Hamilton and the Voice of the Gospel

Nick Batzig at Feeding on Christ linked to this sermon by Sinclair Ferguson that was preached this past Reformation Sunday at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA.

At one point in the sermon Dr. Ferguson recites this wonderful quote from Patrick Hamilton, the first martyr of the Scottish Reformation, on the difference between the voice of the Law and voice of the Gospel.

The Law saith to the sinner, “Pay thy debt.”
The Gospel saith, “Christ hath paid it.”
The Law saith, “Thou art a sinner, despair, thou shalt be damned.”
The Gospel saith, “Thy sins are forgiven thee. Be of good comfort, thou shalt be saved.”

The Law saith, “Make amends for thy sin.”
The Gospel saith, “Christ hath made it for thee.”
The Law saith, “The Father of Heaven is angry with thee.”
The Gospel saith, “Christ hath pacified Him with His blood.”

The Law saith, “Where is thy righteousness, goodness, and satisfaction?”
The Gospel saith, “Christ is thy righteousness, goodness and satisfaction.”
The Law saith, “Thou art bound and obliged unto me, to the devil, and to hell.”
The Gospel saith, “Christ hath delivered thee from them all.”

—Peter Lorimer
Precursors of Knox, or Memories of Patrick Hamilton

I found another quote from Patrick Hamiliton in the same text that I wanted to present, this time in the form of an image in order to capture the original typesetting from the book, which was published in 1857.

Quotation from Patrick Hamilton

I have so many things to be thankful for this year – health, family, friends – but most of all I am thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ which, as Patrick Hamilton shows us, is the Word of Grace, the Word of Comfort, and the Word of Peace.

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