The Tale of Two Cities

The Christian believer is always living in an inescapable tension! Much as we would love to be free of this tension, until we leave this earthly scene and enter the nearer presence of our great and gracious God, we will be engaged every moment of every day in this tension. I surely hardly need to spell out just what this tension is – but I will do so nonetheless! Here and now we live as ’strangers’ in a foreign land; we are the children of the living God: we are even now ’seated with Christ in the heavenly realms’; every breath we breathe takes us nearer ‘home’ – and yet we are not ‘home’. We live out the life of faith in a world shrouded in unbelief. The truth is that every Christian lives simultaneously in two worlds – our life is a tale of two cities.

—Ian Hamilton
The Tale of Two Cities

Via: Banner of Truth Blog