Whitewashed Tombs

Religious hypocrisy is pratically God-mocking atheism. To be a hypocrite you must praise God while pretending that God does not see or know the truth of your life. Moreover, hypocrisy is the great enabler of sin.

Therefore, the one way to escape the whitewashed death of hypocrisy is to admit the hypocrisy in our hearts and run without hypocrisy to the cross, where Jesus died to cleanse every sin, including this one. And then we can ask Jesus to shine His light in our hearts to show us the rotten bones and uncleanness, and then to exert His power in us by the Holy Spirit. For while in this life we will always be sinners needing God’s grace, we need no longer be hypocrites, those religious atheists who are hiding the truth of our sins, ruining our souls, and hardening other sinners against their only Savior.

—Richard D. Phillips
Tabletalk Magazine, October 2009

Hypocritical Hypocrisy

Although the superficial facade of Christian religiosity should make us sick, bringing us to tears and godly sorrow, it should also make us detest our hypocritical approach to hypocrisy, which Christ Himself detested. For He not only practiced what He preached, but He preached what He practiced — a life of genuine holiness before God and men. This is our calling as well, whether pastor or parishioner, relying on the grace of God and trusting Christ our holiness, knowing that the genuineness of our faith will be proven, resulting in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:7).

—Burk Parsons
Tabletalk Magazine, October 2009