Such A Great Savior

If my heart is genuinely filled with the message of Jesus Christ, crucified for my sins and raised for my justification, how can I lightly continue in my sins? How can I pretend that my pride is not important if it necessitated no less a remedy than the death of the Son of God? How can I easily contemplate giving myself over to lust, or gossip, or coveting, if Christ bore the Father’s curse for these sins of mine? Equally, a focus on the gospel fills my heart with hope and compassion for the lost. They are no worse sinners than I; they are merely those who have not yet had their eyes opened by God to behold the beauty of his grace. No one is sunk so low as to be beyond the reach of such good news. No sinner is too lost to be rescued by such a great Savior!

—Iain Duguid

Via: Tim Phillips