Veni, Domine

Descend O Christ from heav’n on high,
Thy glory set aside,
Save us from death and darkness grim,
And with Your seed abide.

Veni, veni Domine,
Thy people to redeem,
Veni, veni Domine,
fulfill our Christmas dream.

The cradle crude all filled with straw
Awaits Thy visit here,
While shepherds gaze at glory’s light,
Enrapt by awe and fear.

The virgin heeds Thy angel’s call,
She’s made the journey long,

As Joseph tends the holy maid,

He hears the angels’ song.

Glory in the highest realm,
The time of birth has come,
We all arise to follow Him,
That He might bring us home.

—R.C. Sproul