Awake Oh Sleeper

Up, then, my Christian reader, to the service of your Lord and Master. Awake you that sleep! Rouse up from selfishness and indolence, and disinter your buried talent. Go to the cross, where, in tears and blood, in suffering and death, your hell was extinguished and your heaven won, and before that cross blush that you should for one moment have hesitated to yield your ransomed powers, gifts, time, and possessions entirely, freely, and supremely to the Savior. From this solemn hour let love constrain you to a simple, self-denying, unfaltering devotion to Him who sacrificed His life for you, and who, at His second coming in glory and majesty, will make you sit down at the marriage banquet, and serve you. “Where I am, there shall also My servant be.”

Weary, suffering, persecuted servant of Christ, take heart, for the Master is coming, and rich will be your reward. Bind to your heart His yoke more firmly, His burden more closely, His cross more fondly, for a glittering crown, and a snow-white robe, and a waving palm, and a golden harp await you in glory. Living or dying, be your place and posture that of the loving disciple we have been considering – at the feet of Jesus! There you are happy and safe; there you will derive strength for duty, and grace for trial; and whatever clouds may shade other spots in life, this will be bathed in undimmed and eternal sunshine.

—Octavius Winslow
The Tree of Life

Via: Octavius Winslow