Justification Reading List

Speaking of the reformed doctrine of justification by faith alone, this is my reading list for 2010. As I stated in the previous post, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about justification. I suppose that many people would wonder why anyone would bother reading such weighty books about theology when there are more light, practical, and “purpose driven” books available for the busy 21st century christian. I don’t want to demean those types of books, they certainly have their place, but I personally find more food for my soul in deeper study.

I would appreciate your prayers as I engage this topic. I am eager to learn, but a fine line sometimes exists between rigorous study and a purely academic pursuit of theology. It is possible to have an intellectual acknowledgement of the doctrine of justification by faith alone without actually possessing the faith that alone can save. I’m pretty sure that Dr. Sproul said that and it’s a message that I take to heart. Sola Fide — and Soli Deo Gloria!