Joining the Church Triumphant

Right now we Christians are, by God’s grace, members of the church militant.  We struggle with the cares of life that so easily distract us from the business of worshipping our great God.  The promotion to glory of dear saints reminds us that we have a glorious future awaiting us.  And that is not all.  We have a great resurrection awaiting us!   I cannot imagine a greater incentive to perseverance and holy living.  And I want to practice now what I will be doing for all eternity, worshipping the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Right now I want to experience a dry run at being a member of the church triumphant.  Reader, there is only one way to become a denizen of the New Jerusalem, to be in the church triumphant.  And that is by grace alone trusting alone in Christ alone for your salvation.  Another way to say it is that you need to wash your sin stained garments in blood of the Lamb.  Come with me and let’s journey toward the celestial city together…

—Jeffrey C. Waddington

Via: Feeding on Christ