A Prayer for Barack Obama


This is your world, and you do with it as you please. You’re the King of Presidents and the true director of all nations. A man can’t become president, or pastor, or prime minister, or plumber, without your consent. There isn’t a country or king or child or bird or insect that sustains itself. You work all things according to your plans, and no human plan can stand apart from you.

We bless you for allowing Barack Obama to be elected as President of the United States. We know that he wasn’t ultimately elected by Democrats or Republicans, but by You. So we trust you. You knew exactly what you were doing.

Lord, our greatest desire is not that the economy would be righted, or that health care would be solved, or that the war in Iraq would be resolved. We want to see You glorified in whatever way you choose. Glorify Yourself through Barack Obama. We pray that four years from now more people would know and love you because Barack Obama was in office.

We pray that you would draw Barack Obama to yourself. Open his eyes to see the glories of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Press Your hand upon him. Allow him to feel the fragility of this country.

Your word tells us that you control his heart like a waterway. Please cause him to enact godly laws, laws that will promote the spread of your gospel. Breathe into him a love for human life, a heart that moves with compassion for the needy, and a deep sense of Your justice.

Above all else, use Barack Obama as a channel for Your kingdom.

In Jesus name, amen.

Via: The Blazing Center