Reversing Curses

We’re used to living with pain. Isn’t that true? Injuries linger to the point where we forget what it was like to be pain free. A twisted knee in college results in twenty years of limping, or a neck injury in high-school condemns you to a life of chronic back ache. I honestly can’t imagine what life would be like without pain.

But things weren’t always this way. There once was a time when perfection, rather than sin, ruled the earth. Adam and Eve lived in perfect union with God, perfect intimacy with one another, and perfect harmony with creation. Can you imagine what that would be like?

When sin entered the world everything and everyone became an anarchist. Men and women shake their fists at God. Husband and wife duke it out verbally and physically. Man wrestles with nature to wring a few measly ounces of food from the ground. When God cursed the earth in Genesis 3, he meant every word.

The truth is, we live in a cursed world. Ponder that truth for a moment. That beautiful sunset you saw last night? Under the curse. Your most intimate relationships? Under the curse. Your work? Cursed. Having children. Marred by the curse. Every facet of our lives has been dramatically altered by sin.

Don’t get me wrong. In his kindness God still allows us to experience joy in this cursed world. The heavens proclaim the glory of God, a man who finds a wife finds a good thing, and children are a gift from God. But our enjoyment is always hindered by sin. And the sad thing is, I think we often become comfortable in our fallen world. It’s all we know. Can you relate?

But here’s the glory of gospel: in Christ God is reversing the curse. This is the storyline of the Bible. God is slowly but surely restoring his good, perfect, kingdom. The gospel is the power of God for salvation – the recreation of all that was lost. Sinners are restored to God, to one another, and even to creation. It’s incredible and beautiful.

I hope to post more about this in the days to come, but for now let me encourage you to do one thing. Today, ponder how the gospel is restoring what has been lost. Meditate on how the gospel has invaded your relationship with God, and others, and the world. Direct your heart up to God and praise him for what he’s accomplishing through the gospel. Curses reversed.

Via: The Blazing Center